Cabinets Renewal

Our Process

Steps for Great Cabinets

Welcome to our straightforward process for cabinet painting. We focus on doing each step the right way, from preparing the surface to the final coat of paint. Our aim is to make your kitchen cabinets look their best.


Surface Preparation

This first and crucial step involves a deep clean to remove all grease, followed by a thorough sanding. Sanding ensures a smooth base, crucial for a flawless finish. It’s about creating the perfect canvas for paint application.


Edge Preparation

We pay special attention to edges and corners, areas that often reveal the quality of a paint job. This involves precise sanding and smoothing, ensuring edges blend seamlessly with the rest of the surface.



Our team takes great care in masking your kitchen. Every non-paintable surface is covered and protected. This meticulous process is key to keeping your kitchen clean and ensuring only the cabinets are painted.


Primer Application

We select the best primer for your cabinets based on material and desired finish. A good primer not only helps the paint stick better but also extends the life of the paint job.



Applying the top coat is an art. We use premium quality paint and apply it in multiple thin layers, allowing each layer to dry perfectly. This results in a smooth, durable finish that looks great.


Ventilation and Dust Filtering

Keeping the air quality safe and clean during the painting process is essential. Our advanced ventilation and dust filtering systems ensure a dust-free environment, crucial for a smooth finish.


Shop Environment

For optimal results, we handle specific parts of the job in our controlled shop environment. This allows us to use specialized equipment and techniques, ensuring a finish that’s superior in quality.


Dedication and Communication

We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to your project, ensuring timely updates and availability to answer any queries you might have. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

We have hundreds of happy customers who have used our services and are very pleased with the results. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers! Contact us today to get started.

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